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Mitsubishi Response

A few months before the lawsuit was filed against Mitsubishi, after getting a letter from my lawyers Satoshi Murata and Kandoh, my phone line was tapped. I suspect it was the work of Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Wire-taps Phone Line?

I lived in a company-owned apartment. 3-4 months before I filed the lawsuit my phone line became very noisy all of a sudden. The disturbance was so much that it was very difficult to carry on any phone conversation for more than a few minutes. At first, I checked with my neighbors, all of whom shared the same building. Nobody except me had a problem. A service visit from NTT, my local phone company, didn't resolve the matter. I became resigned to living with a noisy phone.

An article on Wire-tapped Phones

About a year later, I came across an article in a newspaper that mentioned how phone-tapping was become a big phenomenon in Japan. It described symptons of a bugged phone and bingo. I checked the walls outside my apartment and behold there was a suspicious line going out apparently to nowhere. Soon I called NTT and told the serviceman that I know the problem and if it is not corrected, press will know about it. The next day my phone line became normal.

Hostile Environment at Mitsubishi

A couple of employees came to me and expressed their support for my cause. Some other young employees looked supportive. However, the majority of the employees were quite upset and a few made it a point of shouting at me in order to collect bonus points from the management.