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As you might recall, Koibito, after waiting for over two years, asked me to send her copies of my resume so that she could apply to companies well ahead of my intended visit to Japan during December of 1988, so that preparations for any possible interviews to be held during that period could be made. I had already received INS's approval of my petition for US permanent residency and was expecting the interview to be over and green card given to me before my visit to Japan.

Mitsubishi Offers Job

I sent her copies of my resume in June 1988. Within a couple of weeks I received a letter from Koibito. It seems like she had applied to a newspaper ad by Mitsubishi Electric asking for application engineers for its Computer Works in Kamakura. The director of personnel at Mitsubishi Electric Headquarters, Mr. Kobayashi, had contacted her and told her that the company was very much interested in hiring me and wanted to know if I would be interested.

Of course I was not interested. First of all I didn't want to work in Japan. Then, working for Mitsubishi, a group infamous for its criminal acts during World War II and notorious for being the most racist group in the world! Moreover, I was preparing for a financial career and what was I to do in a computer factory? However, it seems like the company had been "talking" to her and any argument with her was futile. I decided to let her do whatever she wanted to do and made up my mind that I will be totally unresponsive from my end.

Soon I heard from Koibito again. Seems like Mitsubishi had decided to hire me for life and would treat me just like it treats its Japanese employees. Moreover the company told her that I would be a pioneer. I was feeling really uneasy. Couldn't believe how could a company hire me without talking to me. Moreover, the company had decided to talk to her directly getting all the information from her. Seemed like Mitsubishi and Koibito had ganged up together.

Interview in the USA

Finally, Koibito informed me that Mr. Kawasaki, president of Mitsubishi Electronics USA would me contacting me to schedule an interview. One day, Kawasaki called me and asked me to fly down to Los Angeles for an interview. I refused politely telling him that I didn't have time. Undeterred Kawasaki asked me about the airport nearest to my home and soon he told me that he and his vice-president � Mr. Kitahara have decided to change their flight plan and instead of going straight back to LA from a business trip to Pittsburgh, have decided to come to Memphis and stay there overnight in order to meet me. Couldn't do much. Had to meet them.

In the interview when I informed them that I am planning for a financial career, Kawasaki told me that Mitsubishi was going to put me in financial systems. I couldn't understand why Mitsubishi Electronics president and vice-president were being so nice to me and flatly told them, when asked, that there is no certainty that Koibito and I would be together in future. Their facial expressions didn't change. Finally I thanked them for their interest and informed them that when I go to Japan, probably after May 1989, I would get in touch with them regarding any jobs. When asked about my long-term career goal, I said that it would be nice to go back to India in about 5-7 years, as in-charge of some multinational's operation there. Anyways, towards the end Kawasaki started telling that I would be placed at the same position with the same age group Japanese employees and started talking about the details of contract like salary, number of holidays etc. that didn't interest me at all. Then he announced me with a deep, sad voice that since Japanese employees didn't get any language training it would be unfair to them if I got any language training. And then at the end, in a hurried voice he told me that even though the contract will be for life, just like that for Japanese employees, I would be expected to leave the company after about five years. That baffled me.

A few weeks later, the head office contacts Koibito to tell her that after after a short term at the computer works, I will be moved permanently to the Head office.

Contract Arrives

Kawasaki provided me with his home number and asked me to call me anytime I felt like. Of course I was not going to call him. Then around November 1988, Kawasaki called me asking whether I could go to Japan during my December break so that the computer works managers could talk to me. I said no.

A few weeks later I get a call from Koibito. Mitsubishi contacted her with the information that it had already prepared the contract for me and were translating it in English for me and would soon send to me.

Jobs in the USA

I got my green card and applied to some financial institutions and got job offers from a few famous ones. However, I didn't know how to handle Mitsubishi Electric. They seemed so excited and were so much interested in me. I was a pioneer and anyways I had to go to Japan to meet Koibito. Finally, I decided that I would give Mitsubishi a chance and see what happens. What's the worst that could happen? I could always come back to the USA and why would Mitsubishi treat me badly. It didn't make any sense.