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Leaving Mitsubishi

After the initial exchange of legal briefs, court dates started falling into slots several months apart. For example, date of my testimony fell about nine months after the most previous court date. Slow pace in such cases is the rule in Japan. Seems to help the companies who can easily wait it out.

Necessity of Working at Mitsubishi Electric

Before the lawsuit, my lawyer Satoshi Murata had explained to me that in order to be taken seriously by the judge I would have to remain with Mitsubishi while the legal matters were proceeding. On other hand, because of my status as a regular employee, the company too found it most difficult to get rid of me. However, it had other time-tested means of doing so.

Hostilities Increase at Mitsubishi

Satoshi Murata thought that the verdict would take about a year or two from the date of filing the lawsuit. Looking at the extremely slow pace the case was proceeding that time table didn't seem realistic. It made tolerating hostile environment at Mitsubishi more difficult.

First of all, the job assignment quality suffered drastically. There was hardly any support from anyone at Mitsubishi. (A few employees though, mainly the young ones, came to me and privately told me about their disappointment with Mitsubishi for having discriminated me.) The colleagues in the newly designated Planning Section were cold towards me and a few took pride in shouting at me and I got the feeling that the management encouraged their behavior.

Japanese Fight Long Battles

Before the lawsuit I became aware of the fact that many Japanese employees regularly fight big companies in the court. However, their stories generally go unreported. For example, a famous lawyer told me that a Japanese employee was fighting Mitsubishi Electric in court for over last 15 years. It seems like he was tired of the management- controlled labor union and wanted to form another union. Mitsubishi wouldnt let him do so and made life hell for him at work. Besides, under its job performance based salary criterion, the company adversely affected his salary and as a result his salary became a fraction of his same-age colleagues. Still he continued fighting. Such cases are not rare. Japanese people seem to fight for honor and companies like Mitsubishi exploit them fully. I was not willing to spend the rest of my life in extreme unpleasant working conditions at Mitsubishi, though.

Time to Leave

It was slightly less than three years from the commencement of my lawsuit and looking at the slow pace of progress in that it didn't seem like that there was a possibility of a quick verdict. Moreover, people informed with the Japanese system told me that unless I could gather support, the judge, regardless of the strong merit of my case, would decide against me. Wondering what in my fate caused Mitsubishi to pick me up for harassment and destruction of my life and career, I decided that earlier I moved away from them, the better for me. I informed Satoshi Murata and Yoshinori Kondoh of my decision. They were disappointed but understanding and told me that they would fight the company in my absence. I turned in my resignation letter.