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Mitsubishi Lawsuit

Once I realized that I had been intentionally discriminated by Mitsubishi, I started looking for ways to take appropriate actions against the company. Trying to complain about a company like Mitsubishi Electric in its own country Japan with limited Japanese language abilities is a task quite challenging.

Complaint to Japanese Government Agency

First, found a government agency, a branch of Japanese Labor Department dealing with foreigners,in Yokohama. The lady there was very patient and listened to my whole story with a kind and attentive face. She called me again and listened to the whole story again. And again. After a few visits I came to realization that I was going nowhere with this approach and quit going there.

Meeting with Tokyo Bar Association

Tokyo Bar Association is the most powerful bar association in Japan. It has a group working to restore human rights for foreigners and it decided to hear my case. About a dozen or so lawyers showed up and were presented with the facts of the case (in English) and a verbal account by me in broken Japanese language followed by an Q&A session.

Satoshi Murata and Yoshinori Kondoh Take the Case

It is not easy to find a lawyer in Japan to fight such cases. In those days 500 candidates passed the bar exam each year in entire Japan with a passing rate of less than 2%. The lawyers who set up their own practices were very selective about which cases to take. Satoshi Murata was the chairman of the human rights group and he and Yoshinori Kondoh decided to take my case against Mitsubishi.

Crux of the Discrimination Case

To them I couldn't make a case of being discriminated as compared to my Caucasian male colleague. Mitsubishi could always make the claim that he was on a temporary contract, against my "employee for life" regular employee status and therefore, our disparate treatments could not be compared. On the other hand, I was to be compared with my Japanese colleagues who were provided opportunities for English language training and I was not provided with any Japanese language learning opportunity, and this was a clear case of discrimination.