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Mitsubishi Lawsuit Ends

After quitting the job at Mitsubishi, I came back to the USA in mid-1995. Because of the constant harassment by Mitsubishi for the last few years, I had hard time concentrating and my head always seemed heavy. To get rid of these decided to come Berkeley, California, a city known for its liberal views. At the same time decided to take a few courses at the University of California at Berkeley to �exercise� my mind.

Tokyo District Court's verdict

Anyway, in my absence lawyers Satoshi Murata and Yoshinori Kondoh continued fighting Mitsubishi in Japanese court. About a year later, I went to Tokyo to hear the decision. The judge had ruled in favor of Mitsubishi. It was a disappointment but not a surprise. Corrupt judges are the rule nowadays, rather than exception. However, Satoshi Murata, who had worked so hard on the case, seemed upset. He is brilliant but still seemed somewhat na�ve when to comes to understanding how judges give their decisions.

Japanese Justice System

Anyway, we appealed and went all the way to the high court. The dates came quickly and it reached verdicts within months. I didn�t read the decision carefully but it seems like the judges of the high court had given a decision accepting everything the company told them and at one place I read that I was not believable and blah, blah, blah. So much for the Japanese justice system!