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Mitsubishi Defense

It will be useful to read the pages on my background and how Mitsubishi went about aggressively recruiting me, in able to really appreciate the defense put on by Mitsubishi against charge of racial discrimination. Before the lawsuit, I had a meeting with Mitsubishi Electric's management in which I got the feeling that the company was trying to find out indirectly from me whether I had a US Green Card or not. Feeling their desperation, I decided on not letting them know.

There were hundreds of pages of court brief and all were in Japanese. I read most of them but the current account is based on memory. There could be some small discrepancies that I will try to correct in future if time permits.

Mitsubishi´┐Żs Initial Defense

During this period Mitsubishi didn't know about my US permanent residency and job offers from financial institutions. (Actually it thought that I didn't have either of these.) It presented arguments to the court that could be summarized as:

Mitsubishi Wanted to Help Me: I was not getting a job in the USA and wanted to work for Mitsubishi since because of its brand name value it would have helped me in my future job searches. I asked the company to offer me a job as quickly as possible and being nice people they are, they obliged.

Mitsubishi Hired Me Under Its "SYSTEM": Its System was explained to me by Kawasaki during the interview. It has already many employees at different plants it hired under its System. None of the employees who were hired under its System got any Japanese language training. (Hope, you have understood Mitsubishi's (in fact major Japanese companies system) by now. For fuller explanation, please continue or read the interpretation file.)

Mitsubishi Provided Me With a Comfortable Work Environment: The work environment was pleasant for me and there was no pressure on me to learn Japanese language quickly. In fact, I didn't have any job skills and Mitsubishi was gracious enough to try to help me by giving good job to me to provide job training.

Mitsubishi was Expecting Me to Get Married to a Japanese Woman and Learn Japanese Language Naturally: Remember their System? Company wanted me to learn Japanese in a most natural manner by living in a Japanese environment.

Mitsubishi's Japanese Employees Don't Get English Language Training in USA: When Japanese employees of Mitsubishi are sent to the USA they don't get any special English language training and have to learn on their own.

Mitsubishi's Changed Defense

After a few exchange of legal briefs, Mitsubishi came to know that I had a US green card and had a few job offers in the USA before I came to Japan to work for it. Since it seems to be a policy of many companies like Mitsubishi in Japan to not offer jobs to Westerners and people with Western citizenships or green cards, Mitsubishi started de-emphasizing the hiring under its System scenario. After knowing that I had job offers from big-name companies in the USA, argument was made that I am nationalistic and wanted to go back to India and thought that working in Mitsubishi will help me learn Japanese language that was so useful in future job prospects. Apparently to justify its hiring under its System decision, it decided to forge at least one document.

Mitsubishi Forges My Resume

When I appeared in the Tokyo District Court in order to testify, the company's lawyer presented a copy of my resume as its evidence. Before turning it to the judge, the lawyer quickly asked me if that was my resume. It took me about a second to figure that that it was not. "Am US Permanent Resident." sentence from my resume was missing completely.