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Mitsubishi Conclusion

Is Mitsubishi absolutely the worst group of companies, or at Mitsubishi Electric, in terms of workplace racial and gender discrimination? I will have to say that I am not sure and probably not. While it is true that, among Japanese multinationals, Mitsubishi group of companies seems to be the most notorious offender in this regard, we have to remember that many other companies have become quite sophisticated at hiding their discriminatory practices. Mitsubishi has had a relatively short period of dealing with foreigners and comes from a country where women were not encouraged to work in companies at high levels. In contrast, companies in the West had a long learning period.

Mitsubishi is a fast learner and my feeling is that it will take steps just enough to ward off criticisms in the Western world like hiring a few women and an Afro-American at executive levels, donating to disabled groups, issuing PR releases about how it takes discrimination seriously while doing not much really. While it is already an admired group among many Caucasian males, who appreciate Mitsubishi treating them much better than coloreds and women, it could be an admired group among general population too in future. Though nothing much will change in Mitsubishi's outlook of the world or its treatment of non-whites and women.