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This section is about Indian men in the USA, including IITians. Indian parents tend to worry that American girls are looking for some nice 'catch' like their sons. Some of their sons, after having spent four years or more in an unnatural almost women-less environments, are looking forward to leading a normal life in the USA.

A couple of years ago Was checking out the Missed Connections forum of craigslist.org, an immensely popular community site in San Francisco Bay area. Found a posting by an Indian, bemoaning the fact that many women posting in the WFM personals forum, specifically ask (East) Indians not to write to them. It gave me an idea and I posted a made up message, though reflective of what we Indians go through in the USA. To my surprise a few readers nominated it for the Best of Craigslist. Sorry, mistook "indie" for "Indian". Text follows:

Sorry, mistook "indie" for "Indian"

Reply to: anon-4743102@craigslist.org
Date: Wed Jul 17 17:15:03 2002

I am a male from India currently serving time in Bay Area. Am lonely here, responded to a few W4M ads which mentioned they were looking for "indie" boys. Thought "indie" was Marina chicks' cool way of saying "India." Most didn't reply back to me, a few wrote back like "you computer geek, why don't you go back to Taliban. I HATE Indian guys. HATE HATE HATE."

What does "indie" really stand for? West Indies? Indonesia?

Two years' later: Still No Love for Indians in Sunnyvale

June 27, 2004. Looked for posts containing "Indian" or "Indians" and the last ten day's posts that showed up, most used the word "Indian" to request that Indians should not write to them. A few titles and excerpts are as follows:

Early Morning Epiphany - 32 (sunnyvale)

I am attracted to more ethnic looking people, but somehow don't find black men or indian men attractive for dating. Now that really bites...I have lots of black and indian male friends that are awesome, sweet, charming, but not in a relationship with me way. I makes me feel like shit sometimes, but I just can't help it.

Latina looking for friendship first and then possible LTR - 25 (san jose downtown)

As the title says looking for smart,intelligent guy. Must be tall and be atheletic body Send me an email and may be we can talk.... I am not into gentlemen from asia,indian. Caucasian gentlemen preferred

Pretty, Intelligent, Deliciously playful.....seeking my special friend - 32 (san leandro)

Please be atleast 5'11, Caucasian, Asian (not Indian), Latin, African American Mix...

Just add water...waa laaa! - 33

Only one don't...Don't date indian or asian men...

My note: Even many Indian girls don't seem to like Indian guys.

Looking for LTR with a tall handsome... - 28 (san jose north)

I am cute looking indian girl. New to bay area.. Looking to date tall,handsome and smart caucasian [no indian,latin boyz plz-just my preference] . I work in high tech and has a good stable job and expect the same with u. Make me smile in ur email and we can meet for a coffee..

My note: Some Indian girls want to date Indians but not guys on H-1 visa.

Are you Indian? Tall? Cute? & Romantic?....so am I - 27 (dublin / pleasanton / livermore)

For the dude thats bitter about getting REJECTED...hey get over it...and you wonder why I didnt like you. If I dont like you because you have a Visa, its because these days thats a big issue and I just dont want to get involved in it. If I dont like you because you have an accent, its because the communication is not going to be easy. And if you knew any better, you would know that communication is a big thing these days. Oh but I forgot, youre one of those ignorant Indian guys that cant get a woman (I wonder why) so you wouldnt know anything about communication anyways.

My note: Same girl responding later.

Re: Are you Indian? Tall? Cute? & Romantic....so am I - 27 (dublin / pleasanton / livermore) (note - indian girl)

The truth is that I didnt like you, and you cant handle that. And why is it that all the guys that are on Visa's and Work Permits, the ones that are getting mad and posting the ads ...So stop trying to brag about having all these girlfriends and friends that so adore you. No one believes that crap. Go have an arranged marriage or something and leave me alone.

So nobody likes Indian guys. Right!

Well, not exactly. Besides there are other groups like the rest of Asians who are in similar situation. I compare this situation to the egg industry. Egg-producing chicken are obviously valued but at birth about 50 percent of the new-borns are male chicks. Gassing, strangling or simple throwing them in grinders while alive are some of the ways the egg industry deals with this problem. Not to worry, Indians are needed to write computer code and they won't do this to us. I think or rather hope so.

Actually, some dating segments are doing quite well because of this big imbalance. Also check out MFM sections, lots of posts are there asking for Indian and other Asian guys.

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Love in Sunnyvale

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