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Sept 5, 2013. Time to start writing again. I will write about the America that I experienced and other topics.


1988. The papers to hire me were signed by the top executives like the CEO of Mitsubishi Electric. Now it seems like they wanted to conduct an experiment on me - to see how much I learn the Japanese language if they subject me to inhumane harassment. This was to gain knowledge to help them with their Caucasian (white) recruits they were planning to hire a year later. Now if you are somebody who doesn't want to hear false and crazy conspiracy stuff about your masters from Mitsubishi, you are welcome to skip, for the rest it will be important knowledge about how monkeys from hell (aka Mitsubishi) think and act towards Indians and other non-Caucasians if thy get a chance.

The Real Mitsubishi


Put Harvard, Princeton and MIT together, and you begin to get the idea of the status of this school in India, dedicated to producing world-class chemical, electrical and computer engineers with a curriculum that may be the most rigorous in the world.

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Narayana Murthy
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IIT Grading - Narendra Karmarkar, M.S. Kamath ...

"Kamath's grading system was a punch in the nose for students who fancied themselves as the best and brightest in India. Often, only one student per test got an A - the top scorer. The second-best score got a B. Everyone else got Cs, Ds, or Fs." [Business Week (December 7, 1998]

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The following link takes you to my site on Mitsubishi. Please link to it. Among Indians the real Mitsubishi is not known. Years of propaganda by Mitsubishi and Indian government has led many Indians to have high opinion of them. In fact Mitsubishi is one of the worst.

Mitsubishi Sucks

A little bit about me - an IIT Bombay graduate.